On request, using a procedure agreed with the client, we can input the data for the routine processing of the personnel budget, showing any monthly/quarterly discrepancies between the budgeted/forecast and actual costs.


Key Services

  • Integration with accounting programmes
  • Files set up for inclusion in the management software
  • Drafting of budgets
  • Regular analysis



Preliminary analysis. We gather all personnel data according to the client’s needs (new hires, bonuses, etc.) and use the data to project a variety of scenarios and related budgets, which can be generalized or itemized according to how the analysis is to be carried out.

Regular controls. Although important, the drafting of budgets is not sufficient. Data need to be monitored continuously to find any discrepancies and take action promptly, if necessary redrafting the budget.

Simulations and projections. We can simulate a cost arising from changing the company set-up, for example a change of role or a new hire. The analysis and consulting regarding payroll is managed by a specialist.


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